The Serendipity of Relationships

Society has a way of telling people that being single isn’t a good thing, but in reality, it’s healthy to be single. Movies, television, and books are constant reminders that we have to find our soul mate. That there is this rush to find that one person to complete us, and that single people are unhappy because they don’t have a significant other. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, single people self-reported levels of well-being that were similar to participants in relationships. Being in a relationship can be expensive, not in the sense of money, but rather partnerships have an unconscious ability to clutter our emotions and can affect our overall mental well-being. It’s challenging to focus on ourselves when our focus needs to be on the other person. There is a period within relationships that is called winter when people spend their time worrying about their partners and focus on even the smallest of quarrels. This may be called the price of love, but in the end, it keeps people from being truly happy and living in the presence of their relationships.

The emotional side of being in a relationship can be ever-consuming. It takes a person out of the present-day moment of their relationships, and instead in the resent-day situation. This is when the internal worries and fears become arguments and we begin to fight with our partner. Many may see this side of being in a relationship as being healthy, but ultimately it can harm our health.

By being single, we can rid our bodies of being consumed with the emotional worry of being in a relationship and focus on our dreams. We can make room in our minds to breathe and to grow. We can be open to the possibilities of what’s out there in life. We’re more willing to go with what is meant to be and be open to having choices. Life as a single person brings us to be more self-sufficient and free from having any constraints. There’s no one hindering you from setting out and chasing your ambitions. You’re more likely to take the risks and go on adventures with more time to get in touch with yourself.

When you’re in a relationship, you can lose yourself within that relationship. We risk losing touch with who we are as individuals, and to focus on our personal development. Probably one of the most common issues heard when in a relationship is how individuals feel like they have lost touch with creative sides. When you’re single, you can continue to stay in creativeness, and although we can stay in touch with our creative side, it’s difficult to balance creativity with a relationship. When you’re single, you have the time to figure out your mission statement for your life. It’s a critical time to find out who you are. When you’re not in a relationship, you can clear up inside of you what matters most and what is it that is valued.  Take the classes that we want, develop career goals, learn a new hobby, or live the life that you love.

Being in a relationship isn’t for everyone. We can be happy single if we pay attention to mindfulness and practice as much happiness by living in the present moment. By doing this we bring more quality to our lives and the lives around us. We can strengthen our friendships and have a lot of freedom at the same time. If you’re someone who worries about not being in a relationship, how you’re going to meet someone, or if you worry about what’s wrong with you; then you miss that opportunity to design your best day.

As a single, you no longer have to share financial burdens that many in relationships share. Instead, being single can push a person to be resourceful with what you have and not rely on someone else. You make yourself a priority. We can share our ups and downs with the friendships that we create and learn to focus on your self-improvement.

Single and lonely doesn’t have to be synonymous, instead, being single brings a person to appreciate their time alone. It frees us to be content and away from the need to chase others. Solitude brings self-reflection and self-reflection brings about confidence. Absolute solitude can’t happen when you’re in a relationship. Having your best relationships means first having a good understanding of your needs, wants, and values. That is what is truly what is meant to be. It’s the serendipity of relationships, more importantly, in being single.

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