Riding a Bike

Life is filled with changes every day. Some of those changes are most difficult to go through than others, but I also think about how that change affects the person’s daily living. What I mean by this thinking is that changing your hair color over changing careers may be easier to manage. It comes down to how willing we are of the change and was it even wanted in the first place.

Change can be intimidating and I find that it’s easier said than done when someone else tells you to be strong and move on. Believe it or not, often times those words can have the least helpful impact for a person. It can be almost to the equivalent of telling someone who is deeply hurt by divorce to get over it and find a new spouse. That’s how damaging words can be for a person going through an unwanted change.  The truth is that many people struggle when going through it, and it doesn’t mean that the person is changing. Rather their circumstances have and it can be devastating if it’s not expected.

Taking small changes can be easier to handle, but there are some changes that instill fear. It’s difficult going a transition of the unknown. Change doesn’t guarantee that the best outcome will be readily available. It’s like telling yourself that getting out of that bad relationship is for the best. You are okay with it for a few days before starting to wonder if you made the right decision. This is what change can do to a person.

Change is a lot like riding a bike. It’s a scary process that is filled with a lot of emotions, but over time you can see just how amazing those changes are for you. It’s difficult at first and even more difficult to stick to because it is uncomfortable. Change makes you have to push yourself and make your body move in ways it doesn’t normally work. However, if you stick to it and take the time to teach yourself, you become more comfortable, and then it sticks with you forever.

After experiencing multiple changes now, I’m being put in a place where I have no control over the decisions that have been made. I know how hard change. What is meant to be will be, as you become a stronger version of the person you want to be. You will know when the time is right to accept change. When you do, it will mean taking that chance and learning how to ride that bike again.

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