Love or Loving?

There are single women and men are hearing much of the same line “Why are you still single?” We don’t just hear it once, but rather over and over again. There are just some people out there that are single for a reason. The truth is that they are just not in love with anyone. Falling in love has a euphoric feeling to it. The kind of love that brings us to our knees and you just know that they are right for you. It feels like you have lost all control of yourself. It’s a real feeling, but for many who don’t believe I’m often told that to love someone is a choice. I can honestly say that they aren’t the same force. There is a difference between being in love and loving.

What I feel is the difference is that one can exist without the other, while one of them cannot. To love someone is to choose to love them. You can choose to love your friends, your pet, and your home. To love is to choose. An example that I can give to you is my good friend Ally was broken up with by her boyfriend. She couldn’t figure out why she felt unsatisfied. Why she couldn’t express her feelings about him and the truth was she wasn’t in love with him. She cared about him. She respected him, but she didn’t truly love him. I think that was the difference between love and loving.

I once read in article about loving a person: To love a man or woman is to support his passions; to be in love with a man or a woman is not only to back his passions, but also to admire them to the point that his hunger for them motivates you to be just as hungry for yours.

To love a man or a woman is to share all of your thoughts with him; to be in love with a man or a woman is to share all of your thoughts with him, and when you’re not with him, to see him in every place you go, think of him with every person you meet and feel him in every scent you smell.

To love a man or woman is to feel warmer in his embrace; to be in love with a man or a woman is to feel warmer in his embrace and subsequently desire to please him any chance you get because you have just as much a fervor to physically express yourself with him as you do emotionally.

You can be in love with a man, and loving him will automatically come with the package, but you don’t have to necessarily be in love with a man in order to love him.

It was absolutely right. You can feel love for someone, but not be in love with that person. We can settle on a relationship or understand within ourselves that love doesn’t go hand in hand with loving. We each have different intensity levels, but the truth is how intensely have you fallen for this person. At the same time, we can’t judge the love that one couple has and compare it to the love of another couple because love is expressed according to their own feelings. It’s the belief of serendipity, what’s meant to be and allows for the extremity of logic versus dreamers.

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  1. Finding My Inner Zen says:

    I hate when people ask me how I could possibly be single, as if it’s some sort of handicap…

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