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It seems that no matter how equal women have fought to be equal, when it comes to relationships, it may feel best that they had no degrees or career at all. Perhaps it’s not masculine for a guy to date a person who has more degrees than they do. More accomplishments and maybe it reach to the core of their self-esteem. I’m not sure what the correct answer is, but what I do know is that there are many successful women sitting alone. They’re unsure what to do to change their relationship status, but all they do know is the disappointment that is felt week after week meeting the same dead-end guys. What’s worse is being able to meet someone who can appreciate what a woman has accomplished. Instead of reading it as a threat, it wouldn’t be bad to read it as a fairy tale novel, where they can live happily ever after. Sure, there are a small percentage of guys out there that can handle the successes of the women that they date, but more often than not, over time issues occur. It’s just like my friend explained to me, I finally found someone who is comparable to me, but I have no way of reaching him. It’s a lot like business. You think you’ve found the right partner. Only to learn that the deal has fallen through. For many of us, there should have been a guy’s how-to guide. It would have been a lot easier, true serendipity.


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  1. SJ Foster says:

    I think you have to embrace that your career and accomplishments, whilst important, shouldn’t define you. I’m lucky enough to have found a man who earns a lot less than me but appreciates me for what I am. The fact that I like comedy and cheesy jokes. It’s not my accomplishments, it’s the essence of me. The books, music and interests outside of how I make my living that he appreciates…. Thoughtful post.

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