Good Vibes

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It’s interesting to know that whenever we meet someone there is a vibe that is given to us. Some vibes are positive and others aren’t. It’s one of the reasons for how we become drawn to a person or not. What makes us likely to allow a person into our lives, but can we control vibes or do we just have to live with them?

At any given moment, we are giving vibes to people. An energy that signals people to draw closer to us or to stay away, we can smile, hug, and express words of agreement, affection and appreciation, attracting people in a positive way. Or, we can push people away with criticism or disagreement. With love, we are giving a positive energy to the people around us. An expression of thanks and a sincere interest in another person’s life, produce positive energy. The more positive energy you send people, the more they will feel appreciated, and appreciate you in return. At the same time, we can overdue positive energy and could make others feel uncomfortable. Whatever type of energy that is being sent, vibes both positive and negative can affect how we feel and see the world around us. There is nothing worse than having to be exposed to someone else’s toxicity. Time shared with someone who exudes toxic energy can be downright unpleasant.

Establishing good vibes should be a relationship standard. No matter what type of relationship that you are looking to have, trying to start a new relationship has a lot to do with the vibes that we give off. It could mean if a relationship will begin or end, this even before it gets a chance to start. Since we now know that we have vibes and give off energy, we do have a choice to give off good vibes. The following is a list of sentence starters that launch good vibes. Deciding to add some to your conversations:

    1. Yes…
      Yes, going to dinner sounds great.” [“Yesbut..” has the opposite impact; but negates the positivity of the Yes.]
    2. I agree…
      I agree that it’s too cold to do any exercise other than skiing today.”
    3. I appreciate…
      I appreciate your willingness to drive.”
    4. Thank you for...
      Thanks so much for getting me moving. I was stuck on my couch all day.”
    5. I like (love, enjoy) …
      I like that suit! Looks terrific!”
    6. That makes sense to me…
      “Bringing a jacket makes sense to me because the weather today is so cool.”
    7. I’m pleased (happy, delighted) that…
      I’m delighted that you invited those guys to join us.”

Good! (Excellent! Great! Wow! Cool! Terrific!, etc.)


    Let’s jump in the car.”

Smiles, laughing, “eye hugs” from eye contact—and, with intimates, hugs and other physical expressions of affection—go a long way toward generating good vibes with others.


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