What is Your Message?

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Today was one of those days where we try to get as much done as possible. Even the smallest of errands can seem hard to accomplish, but through my travels I saw a young girl walking with a tote bag. Her bag caught my attention, it read: I love guys. I thought to myself that this was one way of expressing her feelings, but then I looked at the bag again. Under the word “guys” there was the word who and the symbol for recycling. I had never seen a bag like that before. Although it caught my attention, as I’m sure it has caught the attention of others, this young girl was making a statement, not only a fashion one, but one that told the world what she was looking for in a partner. It got me thinking, was it the idea of recycling that lead her to this decision, the idea of meeting someone responsible, or perhaps she was an advocate for the going green. Whatever the reason(s) it was a worthy one. I began to think about what brings us to choose characteristics in a potential partner?

Brown hair, blue eyes, driven and ambitious…how do we come to make decisions on the people that we will have in our lives. Then I thought about the laws of attraction. The idea of if we want something and we think about it, then we can make it happen. We think as hard as we can, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. We become frustrated because in our minds we believe that if we think long and hard enough that we will meet someone and it doesn’t happen may cause us to doubt that it will ever happen. However, what many may not realize is the signal that we are sending out. We may say we want to be in a relationship, but deep down inside what signals is the fear that you have of being hurt again. This creates a tug of war inside of us and the message that we are sending out becomes unclear.

It would be great if we could think about that right person and they would just show up, but unfortunately it doesn’t always happen in that way. If you ever thought about where is all the great people date or that all the good ones are taken, these thoughts send messages out to those around us. We don’t always realize that we are doing it, but people do get vibes from us. Much of it has to do with our mindset. Shifting our mindset to there is a lot of great people out there are one way to finding the person that you have been searching for in life. Visionary boards can also bring forth the idea that you have in your heart. It sends a message to you as a reminder and those vibes are what people read in us. Like the young girl who was carrying her tote bag, she was sending a message as to the type of person that she wanted in her life.

Imagine, years later, going back to that visionary board and seeing how the vibes you were giving out helped you to find the people that you were looking for in this path that we call life. The messages that we send are what ultimately becomes what is meant to be and we can be excited about the possibilities that are ahead for us.

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