For a Lifetime


You do everything you can to move on from past relationships. To some extent, we have all done it. We keep ourselves busy by spending time with friends, working, even meeting new people. It becomes more work to get over a relationship then it was being in the relationship, but what happens when time goes by and you see that person again. You do all that you can to not let it affect you. Although in the end, the feelings return. They can be the most difficult feelings to overcome.

Time and time again, I have seen many try to bounce back from relationships. They have put their hearts on a shelf to overcome the emotions that they have for another person. Not an easy task to accomplish. Months go by and you think that you’re over them, only to see them again and your heart just drops. It drops again just as it did the first time you met them. It can be the most frustrating feeling because this time you have no way of knowing where to put those feelings again. Worse, it means starting the process of trying to get over them again.

The heart has a way of telling us how we feel. A true diagnosis, people can pass away from a broken heart. A real medical condition that no antibiotic or natural remedy can cure. However, too often, we put away our feelings because we feel that we have to move on, or someone has told you that moving on is what you’re supposed to do. It takes seconds to fall in love with someone. Maybe it takes weeks to realize those feelings, but your heart knows different. Your heart knows how you really feel. We can tell ourselves that we’re over them. We can tell ourselves that we don’t have feelings for a person, but the truth is, honesty is the best policy.

We can love people for different reasons and there are different types of love within us. However, at the same time, we shouldn’t ignore the feelings of the heart. Holding ourselves away from our feelings, from what our hearts tell us, is the way to perhaps everlasting sadness and for some, even pain. For many, it relies on the ability to recognize ones’ feelings for someone. Instead, it may mean learning to adapt for the shear sake of moving on. The idea that we have no other choice, but the truth is you can’t help who you love. You’re not meant to.

When you love someone, it’s a gift and if someone has found something about you that has brought them to find deep care for you. I’m not talking about the type of love that is judgmental. Instead, the type of love that I’m speaking about is the kind that is willing to support you, that care about your feelings, and your dreams; while asking for nothing in return. Take it with an open heart and mind that someone has found a great deal of worth for you. That is what is meant to be. Those are the types of feelings when you see someone for the first time, or if you have seen them again, are the types of everlasting feelings that are for a lifetime.

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