When Love Hurts

One of the hardest parts about relationships is trying to get over them. That pain that we get in the chest that tells us that we have been taken over with by pain settles hard. I wish that there was an easier way to get over someone, but unfortunately, it’s just the opposite. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about a guy or girl either. It can be about anyone. A relative that has passed on or even a friendship that may have gone sour, the type of relationship may be different, but the pain doesn’t feel any less.

What can be learned when experiencing that throbbing pain is that many times that pain has come from the fact that we just didn’t get over the last relationship. It’s an eye-opener to learn the meaning behind your feelings. We can often times get lost in the idea of trying to get over the pain fast that we forget that it’s time that heals our hearts. It shouldn’t be about trying to run a race. More importantly, you shouldn’t try to get over someone for the sake of pleasing other people either. We all heal differently, and we all heal at different times. Some of us need days. Others months, but no matter how long it takes for you to begin to feel better. No matter what, it’s on your timing and when you’re ready.

Each of us comes into this world with a unique way of working through the pain. It doesn’t need to be explained, but rather it needs to be felt inside of you. Tears are important to the soul. I don’t know if you’re a person who cries or not, but those tears are our bodies way to mourn. A break-up, disappointment, fear, and loss are all a part of the mourning process. I often feel that is forgotten. We look at often look at mourning for when someone passes on. The truth is, someone leaving your life is a passing, and although they are still alive, the idea of seeing them again may be far and few between, if ever. Dealing with loss can come with labels of importance because with every relationship there was something about that person that touched you, to the point where you would never be the same again. Sure, you are strong and yes you are able to get through it. But let’s think about it, every relationship in our lives taught us something about ourselves. Those teachings have shaped us to being a better and even wiser person. It’s what is meant to be, to take the time to listen to our bodies and to heal from heartbreak and pain. It’s what allows us to feel love again.


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