Society has become more and reliant on the use of technology. Perhaps five or ten years ago we wouldn’t have written blogs or even shopped online. However, the more we look to advancing technology the more distant we become with one another. Sure technology has its advances, but let’s really look at how much even our daily activities has changed. We no longer have to wait till we get home to make a call. Buying clothes is as easy as a website and a credit card. Even dating and relationships have turned online. We’ve become more and reliant on convenience and getting life’s activities completed with great speed. Yet it seems that with all of this technology at our disposal we have become more alone than ever.

Think about it. Just how did you meet that special someone? Chances are that at some point the two of you had met in person. You found common interests and even shared conversations. It’s so much different today. We’ve gone from relationships that were built over time to relationships built on convenience. We text message to communicate, with the basis of our shared interests through the ability to use the same websites and chat rooms. When did technology take over from human relationships? When did it all happen that we found less time with building relationships with people and instead close interaction with computers and cell phones. We’ve learned that technology has made social skill avoidance as a common practice. We’ve learned to distance ourselves from human contact and replaced it with for many loneliness. We may not recognize it this way, but the truth is, the more convenience that we are able to find through technology, the more alone we’re becoming and because of this way of thinking and living, we have in essence changed our ability to have a new type of relationship. It’s the type of relationship that is much like e-mail or even an e-commerce account. It’s what I like to call as the e-relationship.

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