Keeping Love Alive

An all-time favorite movie about a screenwriter who falls in love with a famous bachelor, it’s one of the few movies that I can’t resist watching. There is an excitement and hope that even through the ups and downs of their relationship, in the end, I hope that they will be together. That’s what love is about. Getting through the ups and downs of life and through it all, we remain together. At least this is what I’ve told myself so many times, but the truth feels that we have forgotten about real love and replaced it with the fantasy of being in love. Are we just pushing love away, or is that we have fallen out of the idea of being in love?


Society has become more and reliant on the use of technology. Perhaps five or ten years ago we wouldn’t have written blogs or even shopped online. However, the more we look to advancing technology the more distant we become with one another. Sure technology has its advances, but let’s really look at how much even our…