Passion to Ride Like the Wind

I think it’s amazing how people can run marathons. I could barely run down a city street, but I think about how much endurance it takes both physically and mentally to run the miles that are ahead of them. When I was younger I found running to be a release of the everyday stressors. I think for many who run daily it’s quite the same feeling, running in the early morning hours that are found in the crispness of the morning air and taking to your thoughts until the physical and mental effects of running exhaust a person from having to carrying any excess or even over-thinking. Even though running can be used as a stress-reliever and a way of staying healthy; it also shows how much commitment is needed to continue to works towards something greater. For me writing is my stress-reliever. It’s my way of enduring through life’s stressors. It challenges me to endure and to think differently of what’s around me. I wish there was a side of me that could put on a pair of sneakers and just run. Run as hard as I can and although I’m not running hard miles, what I find is that we can learn a lot about ourselves through our passions.

The Ancient Greeks had a belief of needing passion in life. With all respect to the Ancient Greeks, I have come to find that key passion is not only to your work and learning, but also to building relationships. What I mean by relationships aren’t just those between two people. It’s the relationships we build to interests as one might call them. It’s our interests that connect us to people and to our passions. We can learn a lot about our interests. Either it be writing, cooking, or hiking. Like the marathon runner, we can all learn from their ability to persevere. Without a drive, a passion, courage, and a commitment; as a person we are unable to achieve what we’re really looking for, our true passion.

There’s a great song called Ride Like the Wind by Christopher Cross. I’ve included the link to the song. 

It reminds me that when my body is weak I’ve got to ride like the wind to be free and to feel that passion again.

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