Two Great Loves: Fact or Fiction?

It doesn’t matter how old you are. At every age, there is at least one person looking for someone to fill the void in their lives. Someone once said that we only get two great loves. If that’s true then have our love lives really expired? I have to wonder if this thinking is just a fallacy or just an excuse to make us feel better for becoming so busy in life. I’ve met many great people along this journey. Some happily married to their high school sweetheart. Some who are widowed and others who are still traveling this world single.

My single friends come in three ways. The first being the frustrated man or woman who can’t understand why they’re still single after watching everyone else around them get married. They compare their lives to their married friends with the hope of finding the ultimate answer for why they haven’t been able to settle down. The second type is the friend who is in denial of their relationship status and believes that marriage isn’t what it’s all made up to be. Besides, who has time to constantly compromise for someone else when they can do whatever they want with their lives. The third type is the friend who has come to terms with their lives that they will always be single and they stop looking for that one person altogether. I have at least one of each type of friend. I have one in denial. One who is in denial, and the other who accepts her life as is…no questions asked. Each one of these friends has had two great loves. So is it true? Is the chance of a great love really over?

If you’ve have two great loves in your life, you may be asking yourself “am I done with love?” I have to wonder if this thinking is nothing more than just fiction. In my thinking it’s more about how a person defines loves. Grading our relationships by A, B, or C won’t bring that great relationship and the longer that people live we should go with the feelings we get when around people. Butterflies or happiness when seeing that person; those are the indicators that we should use. Being appreciative when that opportunity does come along while realizing that love is ever changing. When thinking about what’s meant to be and those two great loves and if we’ve lost our chances in having relationships, we can feel in life that we are richer with love, but not impoverished without it. We can instead focus on the sweetness of what unfolds, without claiming it, naming it, or being defined by it in its shadow.


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