Soul Mates

Soul mates, that one person that is suppose to complete us. A mythological belief that has taken people from generation to generation, it seems odd to not believe that there is one person out there. Basically, the thinking behind soul mates first started during a time when humans where able to threaten the gods. These gods in turn struck human by taking half of their souls away, leaving humans in total misery. If a human was able to find their other half of the soul then a profound sense of completeness prevailed within and the greatest joy could be felt. Even Penguins believe in that one soul mate, spending their whole lives waiting for that one other penguin and when they meet they just know. Although we don’t live in the days of Ancient Greece or Antarctica, today’s idea of soul mates is romantic. Someone to complete you and there is an overwhelming belief that each one of us has that one person that is capable of completing us. However, modern science is telling us that this soul mate thinking is untrue.

For every pot there is a lid. Now more than ever, both men and women seek out intense and even passionate relationships. Sometimes short-lived, it’s the feeling of unity that brings people to feeling that they have found their soul mate. When looking at the opinions over the concept of soul mates, often, people had more conflicts when living by the soul mate concept within their own relationships. The label in believing in soul mates actually jeopardizes a relationship, especially if taken too seriously.

When people seek to find someone that they can grow old with instead of holding on to a soul mate, their chances of working through any conflicts becomes more successful. It becomes what’s meant to be in life and in relationships. It’s not finding a soul mate that becomes important, but rather the way that we talk and think about relationships that can bring each person successful relationships, the true magic in relationships. The whole butterflies in your stomach each time two people meet that’s the magic that we need to believe in.


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