The Smell of Coffee

In every city and small town, there seems to be a coffee shop nearby. I’m probably one of the few people, who have never had a cup of coffee, but I hear from regular coffee consignors, how delicious and satisfying a cup of coffee is for them. In some ways I’m almost jealous that I’ve never become influenced by the taste and smell of coffee. With so many problems facing society, mostly due to the stress of work and life, putting on a large pot of coffee, savoring the coffee can help reduce those stressful days. Although what many people may not realize is that the ingredients found in coffee, tea, chocolate, and some sodas will actually lower our threshold for handling stress.

Think about how many times you have left the house in the morning saying to yourself: “I can’t get through the morning without my coffee.” The reality is that the artificial boost of coffee when consumed, along with the combined effects of everyday stress actually compounds your stress levels. Products such as caffeine decrease our ability to deal with stress and acts as an alert system, but in reality it cause more sleepiness. By attacking our nervous system, the effects of coffee can also increase stress and anxiety in people.

With more than two hundred flavors of coffee and growing, coffee has become a phenomenon in the world. However, rather than reaching for your favorite mug, why not try a new way of waking up in the morning. Rather, try that whipped smoothie instead. Nowadays, what’s meant to be in even the most popular coffee shops is the brewing of carob power instead. Live simply, speak kindly, care deeply, love generously, the four principles of life may seem to be more meaningful with that fresh brew of coffee.


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