It’s What’s Meant to Be

I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve walked into some of the biggest cities and see more women alone than ever. Women who know how to dress for success, yet they’re alone. Sure they may date and meet people online or in restaurants. But still, they’re alone. When did it all happen? When did we become a society built on so many good women, but no good men? As I continue to walk down street after street. I found myself looking around. I even began to pay more attention to the women around me to see how many of them were alone or with someone. I even became so involved in the process that I forgot which direction that I was walking in. It seemed to be a lonely place for women.

A large city with so much to offer and yet no good men, as I turned a corner near a local hangout, there they were; thirty-year old men sitting together drinking and watching the game. Then it dawned on me. On the outside they just may well be in that 30-39 age range, but in reality they were still living in the pre-adult age. Those guys who were still enrolled in graduate school and more involved in the Star Trek era, those guys who make just enough money to live independently and still afford to live while eating out of take-out boxes. Was it all the T.V. shows that promoted a bunch of men still living the college lifestyle while working for a major corporation? I have to wonder if this is the new cultural way of thinking. The truth, the average man in America had already achieved most of their milestones in his 20s.

A college education, financial independence, marriage, and children; today’s man lives in his own limbo. A way of living that for most women frustrated them into living without that good man. By the time men achieve all of their goals, women have already done so and at a much younger age. Women are already striving towards success, while men are still trying to figure out what comes next in life. Men are still figuring out who they are in life and because of this, women give up on the idea of finding that good man.  It’s not that women don’t have anything to offer, or that men can’t be good boyfriends, husbands, or fathers. It’s a matter of men getting past their attachment to video games and pre-adult thinking. Women need men to return to being good men again. It’s what’s meant to be.



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