Sweet Dreams

I recently found a new brand of sheets called Brooklinen, a comfortable set of sheets that changes the way you sleep. I hadn’t realized how poorly I was sleeping prior to buying sheets, but it was at that moment that I knew that it was just meant to be. What I also came to realize was just how much I needed these sheets. How could sheets help me improve my relationships with people? But it was true. I never thought about how the lack of sleep could affect my relationships. We spend countless hours of each day running errands, working, and just keeping up with everyday life and its demands that we can forget that one important part of life needed…sleep. If you’re like me, then you love to sleep. Too much or too little, without it we just don’t feel quite the same, but what if I told you that not sleeping or not having a good night’s sleep could hurt your relationship? Would you believe me?

Sleeping can badly affect our romantic relationships. It is found that sleep deprivation reduces feelings of gratitude that makes people less thankful for their partners. No matter how great they may be, without proper sleep our relationships well-being also becomes hurt. People with good sleep tend to have happier, healthier lives and are more likely to help others. Within relationships, we become more willing to forgive and forget what the other person does to us and although the society that we live in does afford for us scheduled sleep time, the effects have lasting effects on our relationships.

By just slowly realizing how much sleep impacts partnerships we can cultivate ourselves to start lying low and resting. But also ask yourself three questions when balancing sleep and life: The first is looking at how your day has been. Just sharing five minutes to talk about your day improves your relationship. The second is to pay one compliment a day. Small gestures mean a lot and bring about happiness. Lastly, laugh. No matter how exhausted you are by the end of the day, laughter and thinking back to those funny stories and sharing them together validates each other’s opinions.

Sleep is such important part of life, but also your relationships. I’m learning that with each day. But what also has helped was being able to find the right sheets to sleep in. Sweet dreams.


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