Twist of Fate

I read a quote that really struck me. It said: “love isn’t about finding Mr. or Miss. Right, it’s about working with them to find the right relationship.” I thought that was really interesting and I hadn’t really thought about it in that way. Being so close to the city, I find myself observing people, more of a people-watcher. I think about what makes people click. Is it his blue eyes or was it her blond hair? What is it that brought these two people together? Was it destiny or have I lost the whole meaning of relationships?

Growing up there was this dominating understanding of finding Mr. or Miss Right. All of the Cinderella stories, and I can’t tell you how many pair of shoes I’ve lost in this life. No one has ever returned a shoe to me. Not even my house slipper. But then I thought about it and I thought about the quote, no one ever said that in order to find the right person it would mean working with them to make them right for us. Was this a secret that was locked away from everyone and I missed hearing the truth? It isn’t always easy to find someone that is just right.

Date after date, we search for that one person to complete us. Sometimes it can become tiring and we can give up. A lot like a losing battle, we wonder if that person even exists. What I learned is that by knowing what you’re looking for in a person, making yourself available, and being patient are key ingredients to finding something close to what we want, and with just a little tweaking and hard work, he or she could be that right person, a twist of fate.


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