Enjoy the Silence

Meeting people has changed so much over the years. There was a time when meeting people meant hanging out at the local bar or taking a night class. Those days seem to be long forgotten. With technology becoming the norm for communication, we find ourselves putting our trust into dating websites. The problem with this movement as I like to call it has online companies without screening or filtering people online. How can you be sure that what you see is what you get?

The reality is simple. If you were to purchase a pair of shoes or bank online you would expect to see a little gold or yellow-colored lock at the bottom of your screen. That would tell you that it was mostly a secure site. However, meeting people online has no safety nets involved until you actually meet the person face-to-face. It’s not the safest or most reliable way to meet someone. I would prefer to know what I’m getting into before something terrible should happen. Although what can be learned about meeting people online is that unless you’re willing to put aside an agenda of haves and have not’s, it’s really difficult to meet someone who is just right.

I’ve heard all the stories of people meeting men and women. Some who were educated, others who drink just a tad too much, and then there are those who are just too skirmish about meeting people altogether. It seems that meeting people online is starting to get old fast and after your second glass of wine you find yourself ready to go it alone. Many of these online sites often keep old profile pictures just to keep their customers interested in paying the monthly or yearly membership fee, all in all, a risky investment to finding happiness.

With more than a million single people living in the United States, you would think that it would get easier to find that relationship that was just meant to be. Instead, more and more people are determined to find that one person that they get go to the movies with or that Friday night dinner with at your restaurant. Even after all the questionnaires, compatibility tests, and hours of searching; in a matter of 24-hours we can each get sent to our e-mails our complimentary eight profiles of people that are just right for us.

There has to be a better way of finding the right person. Without even looking to find perfect, just someone who fits your personality minus the paperwork that can be found when completing your yearly taxes or a mortgage application. Clicking with a person shouldn’t be that hard, right? Everyone wants to know that they’re not alone. There’s got to be someone out there. In the meantime, we do our best to just enjoy the silence.




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