Love Comes Walking In

It seems that everywhere we look, people are looking for love. If we’re currently in a relationship and looking for someone better or pining over a lost love, everywhere we look, people are in hope for that one relationship that is meant to be. But what exactly is that would make this person the love of your life? What I have learned over the years is that no matter how much a person says they want love they have to be open to really wanting love. A person has to be willing to let go of their freedom, not be afraid of being hurt, and truly be emotionally open to the idea of a relationship.

I once had someone say to me that they are a good person and they deserve to have a family and a husband. Rightfully so, but it’s when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable that love opens that door to happiness. You can’t fall in love with someone if you’re unwilling to be vulnerable. As much as serendipity works in our lives, we also can’t expect to magically be swept off of our feet into a fairy tale of happily ever after. These stories are great in fairy tales, but in real life it’s a much different storyline.

Perhaps that one true love that we had in life causes us to feel hurt and instead of opening ourselves to the possibilities we shut down our hearts. Even after dating and being in and out of relationships, we may not want to realize those closed feelings and instead ignore what’s really going on inside of us. We go from one date to the next date and immediately put blame on the other person for why things didn’t work out. In reality, until you’re ready to take down the walls that protect you and really look at yourself.

We are all deserving of that happy-ending, to find that one person that is meant to be in our hearts. But until our hearts are ready to open your heart and look at your own self love won’t be able to walk into your life. If you want love, you have to do the real work and be willing to feel, willing to risk, willing to let someone else in. It’s then that love comes walking in.


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