True Serendipity

Serendipity…a chance happening. That unbelievable feeling when the planets align just so that what is meant to be will be. I often wonder how is it that we could be pre-determined for a particular person or life event. After looking into my own life I realize that when looking at relationships, it’s not about chance encounters. Too often, I’ve watched friends and family fall in and out of love quickly. I wasn’t able to understand how people could find so many others to fill the void for that last unsuccessful relationship. However, after watching and listening long enough what I have learned is that at first we meet that one person that completes unconditionally. We can’t imagine being with anyone else. We build a life with that person hoping that not too much will change, but before long, the relationship ends.

Often times we tell ourselves that it wasn’t meant to be. But was it really that it wasn’t meant to be? Or was it that we realized at that exact moment that what that person represented in us wasn’t who we wanted to become? What I mean is have we opened our eyes to who that person really is and how those traits will affect our lives not only now, but for the future. I believe that’s what we start to see and that realization becomes the determining factor as to what we’re willing to handle in relationships. We instead it’s what brings us to desire someone else that will fit as many common interests as possible. That’s what makes a person capable of moving on to the next relationship.

We meet a series of people in our lives throughout this lifetime. We’re born, we work, we love, and later pass away. But even through this process of living, we look for that one perfect fit; that true partner, our soul mate. We don’t need to be philosophical and look to the stars for guidance to that one relationship to be made up by magic when really two people joining their hearts together is magical enough. Looking for that right person isn’t about following the stars, but instead finding someone that actually provides meaning to your life. Instead of waiting on the stars to twinkle at the right moment, we should listen to our hearts for answers. That’s the true serendipity in love…and in life.0709_serendipity_Jacqueline_Tribou

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