The Heart Doesn’t Lie

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I often think about what is that makes people fall in love with someone. There are so many reasons for why we feel a connection to a person, but what if you feel this attraction for someone that you haven’t even met. Is it possible to find an instant love for a person from afar? My answer would be yes, love has no boundaries.

It takes less than 8.2 seconds to fall in love at first sight with a person. I don’t know how, but our heart tells us differently. You can see someone crossing the street, on television, or even through social media and know within a short period of time that there are feelings. We can’t help who we fall in love with and to tell ourselves differently would mean lying to ourselves.  Our heart is our compass that directs us to our emotions and what we feel for people.

Think about it, falling in love with someone that you haven’t met isn’t superficial. People do it every day online. We meet countless numbers of people on a daily basis. Easily, we can delve into learning about a person’s personality just by reading a social media post.  It’s one way that I think people learn about their likes and dislikes, and who they are as people. That’s important when building relationships. At the same time, recognizing that our feelings are real is important. They are your innermost feelings.

Maybe you have daydreamed about that person, a future life together, what your lives would be like, and how you envision the relationship. You realize you care for that person deeply and have started to fall in love with them, even though you haven’t physically met. You begin to discuss that person with your friends and they may tell you, you are just in love with the ” idea ” of the person, telling you to wake up and smell the coffee, it’s a fantasy, they aren’t real, you haven’t met yet and it couldn’t be love.

You find you are questioning yourself, asking, is it really possible to fall in love with someone you have yet to meet? Yet despite all of this, you can’t get this person out of your head, you know the person is genuine and you know how you feel. Even with all of these thoughts running through our minds, as long as there is respect for the person and their comfort level you can be deeply in love with someone that you have never met.  I am a firm believer in what is meant to be will be. Faith makes everything possible. All we need to do is believe and let the journey take its course. There are no right or wrong answers to love. What’s important is what is in your heart. The heart never lies.




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