Bringing back Woodstock

Forty-eight years ago today, was the first day of Woodstock. This was an event that promoted for three days peace and music. Imagine having such an event like that today? I think that there would be some hope for us to have unity. I use to turn on the television and read the newspaper without seeing constant anger. Riots and protests are replacing peace and quiet. I think about it this way, three days of being able to believe whatever you want to believe, but in a way that draws love. That is pretty powerful to say the least.  I think that if you are able to live in harmony with people, you’re a well-rounded person, who can accept each other for who you are in world.

Think about it this way. Growing up in the 1970s, there were lots of songs that promoted peace and love. I included a few of them to listen to by clicking on one of the two words. Black and White was performed by Three Dog Night and War was performed by Edwin Star. These are two of my favorite songs when I think about what we are going through so much indifference today.

Black and White by Three Dog Night

War by Edwin Star

These were the songs that became popular. Listeners thrived on it. I have to think that they were on to something. In some ways, maybe we have to turn back to this type of music to change people’s hearts. Perhaps if these songs are played enough times on the radio and in the world, we could spread a different message than the one that we are listening to today. Why not take out the peace signs and bell bottoms again.

The more that I listen to people. The more that I realize that if we don’t start changing our hearts toward valuing each other, we are going to be in for a really difficult world. Instead of marching for equality with signs and demonstrations. Why don’t we celebrate it through acts of kindness and appreciation for one another?  We can read the newspaper or watch the news and listen to the good things that are happening, instead of watching a revival of negativity. We could return to a time of inspiration and influence where we can decide who we want to be. We don’t have to be like borrowed books sitting on a shelf. Instead, we can live with a poetic vision and a Woodstock feel for tomorrow.

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