In the Name of Celebrity Love

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Ever remember growing up and loving that one, maybe even two or more of your favorite celebrities. Maybe it was during your teenage years, when you hung up posters on your bedroom walls and watched every movie or video they were ever in. I don’t think that there was ever an era where celebrity loves and crushes didn’t exist. Think about Beetle mania or even some of the television and reality shows that are out there today. Even social media has made it easier to find something extra special about a celebrity that we haven’t even met. Is it the idea of fame and fortune? Or is it that we found someone who find attractive, but wouldn’t have met them otherwise if it wasn’t for television and music.  Perhaps there are those of us out there who still crush on that same celebrity well into adulthood. What do we do with those feelings? Do we tuck them away and hope to find a duplicate person in our neighborhoods, or do we just hold those feelings in our hearts hoping to get over it? These are the questions that I find myself asking when I look at the magazines that are waiting to be bought for readership and the Instagram pictures of famous people that we follow. The truth is that it’s not that hard to get caught up in it. So many high-profile people share their lives with fans and interested suitors. It’s not hard to get caught up in their lives.

Just recently, I was scrolling through my Instagram account and found a reality star, whose show that I have watched for years. They have no idea who I am, and why should they, to them I’m just a fan. A boring Saturday afternoon took through the pictures of their neighborhood, their dog, nieces, nephews, cousins, and social gatherings. I found myself caught up in a life that wasn’t even mine. I realized that for many, the idea of meeting such a person can really be a reality. It’s a lot like building a relationship as you would with the friends that you currently have in your life. I don’t think it’s easy by no means. Actually, I would think it would be much harder, especially since many celebrities do wish to have a private life, but a good friend of mine showed me that with commitment and passion, you can build relationships with people in the public eye. Still, I go back to the question, what do you do with the feelings of a celebrity crush or love? Where do you put those feelings? Let’s face it, feelings are feelings.

Seventeen Magazine had written an article that gave tips on how to meet your celeb crush. There’s even a novel out entitled Fangirl, a fictional tale of a mega famous pop-star who falls in love with his number one fan. Being trustworthy, standing out in their favorite color, writing songs (this is how it happened in Fangirl), posting cute Twitter profile pictures, tweeting friendly here and there, and meeting them away from other fans where all ways that were suggested. Many of the same ways that a person might want to meet that guy or girl they see at a restaurant.

The more that I read about celebrity love, the more that I realize that there are many people who have such feelings; you can’t help who catches your attention. At the same time, what is meant to be will be. I’ll have to remember that the next time I turn on Bravo to watch some of my most favorite shows. It’s all in the name of celebrity love.

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