The Ultimate Question

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Relationships can be funny at times. We can never tell who we will meet, or what the outcome will be of a relationship. I’m finding that either people are open to a relationship or they closed to it. I often feel that if we are open to relationships of any kind then we can find some good friendships or even a relationship. Although if we are closed, then we can set ourselves up for hurt, sometimes we can become too guarded. It can cause ourselves the pain that we have been trying to avoid all the while. I can understand why many become guarded. The truth is that there were uneven opportunities between men and women.

I always felt that men had it easier than women. There are many successful single women out there, but as far as men are concerned, they seem to be far and few between. Let me give you a great example. I have some truly accomplished friends, yet we are all single. Perhaps men think something is wrong with us because we’re still single, but that’s not the case. Instead, each of us has a preference. My one friend Mary (names have been changed) who is looking for a Christian. Ann likes lawyers, and then there’s me, I’ve found the tall guys who are in public office (probably my biggest mistake) to be of interest. We don’t choose to be picky. Although many men may say that’s the case, but we really just look for men that we feel we would have something in common. It’s no fun trying to build any kind of relationship out of thin air, and even worse if you have nothing in common with that person. Mary attends church every week and is involved in her church ministries. Ann always wanted to be a lawyer, and I took a run for Senate years ago, but could no longer run because of moving out of my district. No matter what the reason may be, we all have a type of person that we think it best for us.

Often I think about why we find an interest in a certain type of person, but also what happens when the feelings aren’t mutual. Where do the feelings go? That’s the big question. Do we put our feelings away for a rainy day? Or do we put them into someone just like that person? It’s a question that I haven’t been able to answer. Some will hold themselves to staying busy, while others look for the next person. In whatever way you choose to work through relationships is a matter of what is meant to be for that person. What works for them or what may not, that is the ultimate question.

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