Zsa Zsa Zoo

Depending on the relationship, they often may define who we are as people. We may not be willing to admit it, but relationships shape us and even give us the drive to move forward or backward in life. So many of us struggle with different feelings. I once read an article a few years ago that said it takes a person no more than 12 seconds to fall hard for another person. When I told people these results I received a lot of disbelief. No one was able to believe that it could take so little time to know how we feel about a person. Today, relationships take 5 or even 10 years before moving forward. I wonder if we really need that much time. If we look back at history, living together was frowned upon and engagement periods meant a period for planning a wedding, but what if we use that much time to settle careers and education. Is that much time really needed or are we taking away the Zsa-Zsa-Zoo out of our relationships?

That Zsa-Zsa-Zoo or butterfly feeling that makes us feel on top of the world when we first start a new relationship. That feeling that sticks in your head for days and clouds your thinking. What if I told you that Zsa-Zsa-Zoo starts in less than 12 seconds. It takes 12 seconds to fall hard for a person. It doesn’t seem like a lot of time to find that one person who will complete us. It takes longer for autumn’s leaves to change than it does for our feelings to turn euphoric. Sure, on T.V. and even in the movies, we watch people fall in love and even build a relationship in less than two and a half hours. Maybe time is of the essence. Maybe those 12 seconds are really all we need to really know how we feel about a person. We take a lot of time to find that one right person? Has the Zsa-Zsa-Zoo lost it’s importance? Or are we relying too much on the mind instead of the heart? People chose that one special person for themselves for many reasons. When looking at gender, for men, intelligence outweighs even looks. For women, it’s job security and financial well-being that ranks high for that long-term relationship. Although these qualities are all important, I can’t help but wonder if we’ve started to ignored the Zsa-Zsa-Zoo of our hearts and have relied on our thinking to satisfy the desirable traits that we’re looking for in a person. Every day I watch new relationships develop and grow. While others fade away. Relationships have a time and date to start. A destiny that happens for when a relationship has that Zsa-Zsa-Zoo.

Can we wait for the Zsa-Zsa-Zoo of great relationships or do we just settle for having great loves?


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