Getting Back to the Way We Were

When of the great things about living in a city is convenience. You can pick up your dry cleaning in the early morning hours. Or get that perfectly made taylor ham, egg, and cheese on a roll during the late night hours when nothing seems to satisfy you. No matter what your schedules allow, there is always a restaurant or store open to meet your needs. Another great thing about living in a city is that you never feel alone.  There are always people around. I can stand at a train station or sit in a cab and find at least one person willing to listen.

I could name at least ten reasons to want to be in a city and only one reason why I wouldn’t. In a city of thousands of people that share a zip code or area code, the biggest issue that I find has to do with attitude and I’m starting to believe that it’s just not about living in a city. How did people become so insensitive? I can’t accept the reason that we live near the bright lights of Broadway or the hustle and bustle of every day living, as the reason for having to be mean. I want to believe that one of the biggest reasons that people have become so rude isn’t about not having time or city living, but instead we’ve become so use to socializing behind media that we’ve forgotten how to socialize. I almost have to wonder…have we lost our social skills?

Social media has given us opportunities to find what is meant for our lives. Love, friendship, and even professional networking. We’ve become so use to answering society through text messaging or broadcasting our news through other forms of social media, that when it comes time to actually picking up the phone or meeting a person face-to-face, we’ve forgotten how to act. Perhaps we’ve become de-socialized. We’ve lost our social skills so much so that it’s become awkward to have a conversation with one another without feeling uncomfortable. We’ve become more comfortable with building relationships online then we do sitting down and having a sandwich together at a local deli.

Don’t misunderstand, social media has some good uses. But I have to wonder when did Tweeting our words online become more important that sharing them face-to-face. I think those face-to-face conversations have more meaning to building memories and keeping relationships then what any computer or cell phone could ever do. If we are ever going to really feel that we are meant to share things in this big world, we have to get back to the way we were. We have to get back to having that perfectly made taylor ham, egg, and cheese sandwich in person, rather than eating it in the virtual world. I think it’s meant to be that way. We need to get back to the way we were.Image

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