Time Flies

Often I hear so many people ask the question: “where does the time go?” It’s not an unusual question, especially with so many graduations taking place during this time of year. I often have to hold myself back from saying what is really on my mind, “time didn’t just slip away, you allowed yourself to become too busy.” I think that this is very true. We’ve trained ourselves to keep our lives filled to the brim with work, errands, and chores. It’s easy to understand why many feel that time has slipped away from them.

A Lifetime of Laughter

When we choose our relationships, I have to ask myself what it is that I’m exactly looking for in a person. There are many sayings to relationships, ‘opposites attract’ or ‘birds of a feather flock together.’ We could spend countless hours thinking up the perfect saying, but what about thinking up who is right for…