Being Empowered

Positive Thinking Concept

We’ve been hearing about empowerment on the news and on social media. There is a power in personal empowerment, since it is about looking at ourselves and who it is we want to become, and being aware of ourselves for being unique individuals. It is through personal empowerment that we are able to develop the confidence and the strength to develop goals and to reach our potential.

We all have strength and weaknesses, skills that we use every day, but often times we remain unaware of them, we undervalue ourselves, and our abilities. What’s important about empowerment is that we have the ability to make positive choices. Developing self-awareness, an understanding of our strengths and weaknesses, and knowing our limitations are key to having personal empowerment. What’s also important to understand is that we can take steps to achieve and set goals for ourselves. Either those goals are short or long-term, they are able to develop new skills and confidence that is essential to having empowerment.

Anyone of us can set goals for ourselves. At the same time, knowing where to start can be difficult. One important part of building empowerment in ourselves is staying positive. Using positive language lets our self-image become reflective of our words. Talking positively about ourselves allows us to acknowledge our strengths and our weaknesses, which is empowering.  We can empower ourselves and those around us by choosing to use positive words such as “will” or “can.” These words promote positive action to happen. Rather than “might” or “maybe,” which causes us to hesitate in reaching our goals.

It is also important to avoid being critical and negative. Truth is, once words are spoken, they can’t be taken back. If at all costs you need to be critical, say it in a constructive way by using positive or supporting words. Also, by using open questions that given opportunities for explanation bring to power. Questions that only allow for a yes or no answer leave people to feel powerless, instead of allowing for solutions to problems. Solutions can help us to set goals and work out a plan that can lead to empowerment.

Personal empowerment is not something that we do once in our life. It’s a lifetime process of constant personal development. As circumstances and life changes, so does our need for empowerment. Empowerment allows for what is meant to be to feel capable of doing what it takes with great effort to overcome any lack of confidence that we might have, and to challenge ourselves to achieve. This is what brings us to know our own limits and ask for help when needed, its self-awareness. It’s the strength within ourselves to improve on ourselves and to set personal improvement goals. The more empowered we become, the more we are willing and able to help others to be empowered.

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