The Honeymoon is Over

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Technology, a big word with so many meanings for different people. I have to think about the first time that I came in contact with the Internet. Maybe I was mesmerized with the idea that so much information could be held in one place. Not only did hold information, it was a way to advertise and market yourself in such a way, that you could reach millions of people in a matter of seconds. Pretty powerful if you think about it that way. Now that the years have passed since its first introduction to people. I’m starting to feel like I have had less opportunities to actually speak and see people face-to-face. We’ve become purposely busy knowing that we don’t have to make time for people because technology allows us to keep in touch.

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and the list goes on and on. So many choices to post pictures and give updates on life. I’m starting to feel like the age of technology is wearing me down. Sometimes I feel like technology has made life more boring. Then I came to conclusion, is that we are falling out of love with social media? It’s a legitimate question to ask considering there are many of us who spend a good amount of time online. Then I started to do some homework of my own. I started to look at the reasons for why social media and technology such as the Internet was even created. Then it hit me. The internet is used to gather information, so when you’re thinking about that hot fudge sundae and you begin to get advertisements for every local ice cream shop in town, there’s a reason for it. The Internet has made it so that it can gather information about you and provide you with what it thinks you need. Call it a bad relationship if you must, but the truth is, technology such as the Internet and social media is a form of an addiction. It never wants you to live without it. It thrives on you needing it. It was all beginning to make sense to me.  The Internet had connected our lives by removing anything that would keep us apart from one another. Not distance or even life’s responsibilities.

The more that we find the need to use social media and the Internet, the more stressed out we have become in life. Like something out of a sci-fi movie, we have materialized the technological powers to be, and by doing so we have unleashed the unconscious mind. It is so good that is able to unleash on any insecurity and possibly even change the course of life. The fact is that social media and the Internet have become so highly addictive. Most of us can’t stop using it. We are constantly with our noses to our phone screens. We’ve become distracted, isolated, angry, and highly entertained, and often times poorly misinformed. What’s good about social media is also twisted to what is bad about it. We have used social media in place for our real desire to be humanly connected. We have to remember that it’s means to help, not a means to replace. Social media and technology have eroded the meaning of our lives. What is meant to be will be, you can admit to it or not, but the fact is that technology such as social media has created an atmosphere of addiction.  All of it with just a click of a button, but let’s face it, to have and to hold for an eternal lifetime with social. The honeymoon may some day be over. Thank goodness for the bright lights of the city. 

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