The Loves of the Big Screen

This past week, I’ve been spending more time watching movies. All types of movies in fact. A few comedies and some love stories. I’m always amazed with each movie how much love plays such a central role in each plot. Finding love, losing it, and finding it again. This seems to be the theme within movies. As I continue to watch, some movies that I may have seen over a dozen times or more. I have to wonder about the allure that is found with love in the movies.

From famous actresses of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Sandra Dee; there is this fantasy-like thinking when watching their romances on the big screen. In so many ways these movies have set the tone for what many people today look for in a relationship. The only concern is: could the big screen romances be a reality? Where is that Sleepless in Seattle-type of guy and could exist today? Not many people would say that they haven’t had stars in their eyes for a person seen in the movies and hope to find someone just like that person. It’s a normal feeling to want certain characteristics in someone that we have visualized through the movies. We all look for certain qualities in people. However, it feels more like I’m living life through the big screen. There is the dream of someone being out there.

In the classic movie Marty, a bachelor man who lives at home with his mother, searches for that special person. Over time he thinks of giving up until finding that one girl that no other man wants to date. Marty finds, without even looking, someone who he feels he could spend his life with or at the very least date. There seems to be, even in the biggest of cities, little evidence of the big screen romances still existing in relationships. It’s exciting to look back at the big screen. It allows for us to keep looking for that person who will be a part of our tomorrows and for those who have found that person, the big screen romances allows for us to keep us focused on the type of relationship to strive toward. Remembering that even Cinderella had to lose a glass slipper to find her prince charming. We are all able to live ‘happily ever after.’


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