Feeling Depleted?

When you think about the bright lights of a big city, you often think that there will be so many opportunities. But instead, those bright city lights can strengthen the overwhelming parts of life and often leave us feeling depleted. It almost seems easy to desire a mental shutdown. Like turning off the power button on a remote control. I often wonder if we expect too much of ourselves just to keep up with the fast-paced lifestyles that society expects from us.

I recently came across a well-needed article that talked about how we should feel when we think we’re defeated. My first thought to that statement was to find the warmest blankets that I could find and hide. But when I began to read past the title, I learned some interesting information. For instance, celebrate your super powers. I never thought of that as being a part of my makeup. The caption under got my attention. It read: “You’ve accomplished zip. Everybody is out there becoming rich, famous, married, powerful. But not you, sister.” The answer really made me think. What would a 6-year old say about your life? I thought about that answer and realized that a 6-year would probably think that my life is pretty cool. I don’t have a curfew and I can bring home that really cute puppy home whenever I want. No questions asked. I never thought about my life that way. I didn’t think about how a child would see my life.

Other areas the article described looked at being your own engineer. Rather than looking at that flopped presentation or that knitted scarf that didn’t come out quite as planned. Instead of thinking that you failed, look at it as practice for you to learn how to bounce back. It works in every profession and situation. We can always look at the overcast skies. They will be there. But instead of focusing on those skies…look at the big view. The overall purpose in life. Because even the most endless of winters that takes down your spirit. Moments of crisis can transform us. Maybe you haven’t had one. But maybe this one crisis could be that moment to transform you.

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