The Honeymooners

  It seems that the holidays went by so fast that I didn’t even have a chance to truly experience the season. Now that New Years is a part of history, many will start their journeys to achieving resolutions for the coming year. Goals can always be positive and a motivator for moving in the…

Friends Wanted

Think about the last time that you made a new friend? Or maybe grabbed lunch with an old friend? As children, it seemed so much easier to make friends than it does as an adult. As we get older, finding time becomes less and less, yet think about friendships as the equivalent to going to…

A True Measure

I was always under the impression that compatibility was more of a factor. When did logic overrule the feelings that develop into love? I have to question if there is truth to this thinking.  

Bells and Whistles

There are many different types of relationships that we can have with people. Some of them are acquaintances others we call friends.

Bringing back Woodstock

We could return to a time of inspiration and influence where we can decide who we want to be. We don’t have to be like borrowed books sitting on a shelf. Instead, we can live with a poetic vision and a Woodstock feel for tomorrow.

When Alone

With technology taking over, we are more alone than ever. Instead of talking with people or spending time with others, we have become more reliant on ourselves. That’s not a bad thing, if we know to embrace it. Knowing how to use solitude wisely can bring about a renewed self. Without understanding how to be…

Compromise with a Capital C

Compromise, it’s one of those words that often define what you are willing to change or willing to put aside for a relationship. The goal is to smooth things over the rough edges that can happen in any relationship. Compromise can also be great when is done in small doses. Giving extra help with errands…